7 Secrets of being Pretty without Makeup

7 Secrets Of Being Pretty Without Makeup

We all want to be beautiful. Who doesn’t? However, some of us aren’t just into lipsticks, blush-ons, eye shadow, mascara and everything you can paint your face with. So we’re going to let you discover how to make it happen without all these cosmetics stuff. Okay, maybe we would still have to use some, but these tips are for the “simple” look. Simple always means less. And even in the eyes of guys, less happens to be more.

  • A CLEAN FACE. Make sure you cleanse, tone, and moisturize when you wake up and before going to bed. Always have a handkerchief or facial tissues in your purse because you’ll never know when something might stain your cheek. Avoid greasy foods as they will also grease up your skin. Don’t stay out late too much, or stay up all night too often for it could cause pimples to grow out.
  • GROOMED EYEBROWS. Always pluck at the lower part and never above. Pluck in between the brows, but be careful to only get the unwanted hair. Beware of having too thin eyebrows, and always check if yours are growing into bushes or not.
  • SOFT LIPS. Do use lip balm if you’re not into color or gloss. Nobody wants to kiss dry, chapped puckers. Always drink water, preferably six to eight times a day as recommended by doctors.
  • EAR CANDY. Put on a fabulous pair of studs or dangling earrings. They always manage to brighten up your face.
  • LOVELY LOCKS. Never allow yourself to have a bad hair day. Choose the right shampoo or treatment for your hair. Don’t just experiment with hairstyles. Consult an expert first, or consider the shape of your face before getting that hot bob or rebond.
  • SNOB SHADES. If you really can’t handle the pressure, or you’re just not in the mood, look effortlessly sexy in a pair of tinted sunglasses. Like hairstyles, you also have to pick the suitable type to the shape of your face.

Last but most importantly,

  • SELF-CONFIDENCE. If you feel good about yourself and believe that you truly are a beautiful person, it will radiate outward. Otherwise, you’d only feel uglier each second and it’ll contribute to stress. When you’re relaxed, happy and motivated, you will surely glow like the sun.

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