Got Played? Play a Player

How To Give Players a Dose of Their Own Medicine?

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He played you. Now you’re hurt and disappointed with yourself. Why didn’t you see it coming? How could he do this to you? If you feel like a victim of a player’s undertakings this piece may help you out.

The best revenge they say is doing good to others and never getting back at them for what they did to you. Yes, it’s great advice. But at times when you get played especially by someone you deeply cared about, certain steps must be taken not only to get you a little piece of a get-back, but for that person to realize that he never should have done it at all. Although it’s best to just confront the player and give him straight-to-the bone comments about the unfair way he treated you, we just know some of you girls would rather take a different move. Read up.

Keep in mind that you’re not having revenge. Getting back at someone always sounds petty. Instead, think of this as a change from good girlfriend habits to better-than-before.

Put those feelings away. You can’t get even with a player if you don’t realize your own worth. Keep in mind that you are a smart, amazing and beautiful young lady who deserves to be loved, cared for and respected.

The main thing to know is, a player always has control of the relationship or whatever you call it. What you should do is to take that control away from him. Get those balls bouncing to your court by not being as available to him as before. It’s in a guy’s nature to get satisfaction and if he can’t get it from you, he has lost control.

If you’re thinking that he’ll try to look for it elsewhere, let him. But it won’t stop him from wondering why you’re not giving him attention anymore. So keep yourself busy, go out with your friends and do see other guys. Plus points if they’re even more attractive.

Let him think why you’re behaving like this. Let him wait for your reply to his texts. Don’t answer his calls. When you do pick up the phone, don’t stay too long on the line. Always have something coming up that gets you busy. It will make him wonder what could be more important than him.

What you should never forget in this situation is to ignore your conscience. If he wants you back, it only means he wants the control back and probably leave you right after you’re so comfortable in his arms again. When you find him begging you for attention or something like that, it’s your cue to go. You may tell him your reasons for leaving if he asks. Remember, you are not hurting anyone. You’re just giving him a dose of his own medicine.


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