Happy Halloween Treats!

Have we got treats for you!
Isn’t it quite a coincidence that Amanda Todd died the same month as Halloween? Although we’re not really assuming she’ll be haunting guilty souls out, it’s unavoidable to think she might be roaming around. While you might be thinking it, teeny’s got some creepy stuff to get you ready for the big black-and-orange feast (and the bogey men to come).


In relationships and out, there are people who really would give you a hard time, and sometimes even creep you out to death. They’re the bogey men under your bed. Here are the freaky five:

1. Stalker. Celeb or not, you can get a stalker. Your only reaction is eww. Don’t be too harsh on him or her. Give fair treatment. If they don’t get it when you say you’re not comfortable having them following you around or texting and calling that much, tell your parents. They’d know what to do.

2. Blackmailer. Whatever you may have done, it’s never a reason to torment you with threats. Stress is very unhealthy, tell an adult now.

3. Bully. This person should be number one, but we’re not doing a top five. It’s simply a list of our worst nightmares and the tough and rough bully is one of them.

4. Abusive BF. If you have a friend who’s got one, advice her to think about it. No girl deserves to be treated badly. If yours is, dump him before he turns into a Cracken.

5. Crazy GF. Seriously, who would want to stay in a relationship if his girl’s a super-jealous, insecure, nagging and worrying chick? They equal to complete nutcase. Time to change girl or you might wind up as that monster in the asylum.


The Halloween Party’s getting nearer and nearer but you still haven’t got anything, or anyone to wear? Stop stressing. It’s never too late with these five freaky emergency styles:

1. Wednesday Addams. Do try a black and white ensemble. Be very well-groomed. Stay clear of glitters and gloss. Instead, go for uber gloom instead of glam.

2. Mortisha Addams. For an added doze of elegance, be Wednesday and Pugsley’s seriously sexy mother. See the cartoons for a hint of what to clothes to use.

3. Blackbeard’s Daughter. If you’ve seen Pirates Of The Carribean: On Stranger Tides, then you must have adored how Penelope Cruz played the role perfectly. She was gorgeous there, too.

4. Russian Princess. More reason to wear fur, this look will make you feel like a blue blood. Make the fur wrap faux and you’ll look as good as royalty.

5. Vampire Victim. You don’t even have to wear the fangs. Just a bloody neck and nice dress will do.


Imagination can be very strong, especially when yours is vivid. Ever read a horror story and feeling the goosebumps afterwards? You sure will with these freaky five must-reads:

1. Everything’s Eventual by stephen King. Enjoy this compilation of horrific short stories that you’ll never forget. It’s King at most of his best short works ever.

2. The Turn Of The Screw by Henry James. Read this ghost story in bed. Going classic never goes wrong.

3. Knock Knock by S.P. Miskowski. Want something with evil spells? this is your best bet.

4. Tales From the Midnight Hour by Judith Bauer Stamper. This is for girls who prefer light reading, but bone-chilling stories.

5. Down Will Come Baby by Gloria Murphy. No ghosts, zombies or vampires in this thrilling book, but it’ll make your skin crawl with the weird neighbor’s suspicious behavior.


Get startled and rattled as five freaky flicks on our list would totally keep you up till morning. Don’t worry, we’re not trying to scare anyone, but these high end films surely can.

1. Don’t Look Under The Bed. This Disney movie isn’t the scariest in the reels, but chemistry is obvious and fun between the teen stars.

2. Jennifer’s Body. Let Megan Fox wow you down with her hot chick appeal and demonic appearance. Plus, there’s also a hot band in the film!

3. The Eye. It tells the story of a blind girl whose new pair of eyeballs not only enables her too see , but to see what others cant normally set their eyes on. Talk about ghosts and sixth sense.

4. Interview With A Vampire. A classic film with an all-star cast is all one horror story needs to be a sensation. Watch this with your boyfriend.

5. The Road. It may be just another unnerving movie set during the road trip of some teenagers, but it’s probably one of the best scares you’ll get on screen.



The most unexpected things happen every time. That is why everyone should be careful. This is why we came up with a short list of scary stuff that could give you a friggin’ heart attack.

1. Date rape. You have to know who you can trust. be with someone who would respect you and protect you, not just some vampire who would suck the blood out of you and leave you drained after he got what he wanted.

2. Positive Pregnancy test. See Article: When it’s not just about Birth Control to prevent this from happening.

3. A Sex Video starring YOU. Make sure there are no cameras when you do something that would cost your reputation.

4. A Video Prank. What if somebody pranked you with a scare and caught your horribly freaked out face on cam?

5. Wearing a costume to a party when there’s a No Costume dress code.

6. Getting attacked by a dog while trick-or-treating with your little sis or bro.

Halloween isn’t over yet. 😛

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