Have You Ever Kissed a Girl?

Have you ever kissed a girl?

We’ll never forget Katy Perry’s song with the lyrics “I kissed a girl and I liked it”. If you ever did, how was it? How do you feel about it? Sometimes, we do things like kiss each other just for fun. Yet there are girls who do like girls. They can be tomboys dressed like boys, or even girly girls in sexy jeans, or skirts and high heels. They may be in or out of the closet, but we’re here to talk about those who are still in the shadows and those who know someone in the shadows who really likes them.

Do you have a crush on one of the girls in school, or on one of your girlfriends? Do you like your bff? It’s usually hard when you’re in a situation where you might lose your friendship over feelings. That girl may not be feeling the same way about you. She might be into another girl, or, typically, a guy. You’d eventually know if you’re that close. And if you’re as close as sisters, it’d be even harder to tell her how you really feel.

To tell or not to tell? You know how risky it is. Are you willing to walk on the tight rope? Of course, it’s entirely up to you. The advantage of being close to your crush is you know a lot about her. You know how she reacts to everything. You know her likes and dislikes. From there, you can already figure out whether you should reveal your feelings or not.

Does your bff have a crush on you? Is there a girl who likes you that much? You may or may not like her back. If you do, are you willing to be in a same sex relationship? If you don’t, how are you going to tell her? You have to be ready to be in any relationship. Some relationships happen instantly like friendships and family ties. In a romantic relationship, somebody has to lead the other on. Somebody makes the first move. If you’re strong enough to handle the various reactions and possibly criticism, then perhaps you’re ready to share that special commitment with someone from the same sex.

If you’re not interested in girls that way, be honest to your bff, or whoever it is that likes you. If she is a true friend, she’ll understand how you feel and not let anything ruin the friendship. Don’t give her mixed signals. Don’t reciprocate her romantic gestures. Most of all, don’t play with her feelings. If you’re a true friend, you’d be nice enough not to give false hopes.

The next time you kiss a girl, don’t leave her feeling like it was more than just random lip-lock. She might assume you like her and she might like you back. If a girl likes you, don’t freak out. Be flattered, but also try not to give them the wrong idea when you prefer boys instead of the same sex. If you like girls and end up kissing one, make sure you’re on the same page before assuming anything. It’s always cool to play safe. It’s more fun to keep things casual.

Whether you like girls or boys, you’re still a teenage girl and it’s all about learning how to enjoy life and when to be serious. You still have a lot to learn and people to meet. Life may be too short, but you’ve still got a life to live.

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