Keep Calm and Stay Pretty and Happy!

The Anti-Bashers, Slashers, Trashers Campaign

keep calm and stay pretty

Even the most wallflower-like NBSB (no-boyfriend-since-birth) gets called a bad name. Just because you’re talking to a guy, especially a heartthrob, some jealous girls would think you’re flirting already. Some spread gossip and some can get everybody else to go against you. Are you being troubled by them?

Don’t worry. There’s nothing to be afraid of when you know you’re on the right track. If they’re so mean to you, there must be something about you that intimidates them. It could be that their crush likes you, or you get a lot of attention from guys. Of course, it’s not your fault that you have admirers and you certainly shouldn’t let the rage of their insecurities get to you.

The classic way to deal with these antagonists is to ignore them, but it’s hard when you see them every day and they make you feel like trash. Sometimes, it comes to the extent of bullying because they get so intimidated that they can’t handle it any other way.

Here’s something you need to know if you still haven’t noticed. There’s something about you that makes them cringe. It might be your beauty, your curves, your personality, or your social status. Any of these can threaten a girl with low self esteem and whose only method of feeling better is to bash other girls or threat others purposely just to get what they want. But what do they really get from it? Nothing. This calls out to every girl who has been or is being mean to others. And this is why girls who are prone to being bashed and bullied should stand up and show that they’re unaffected. Unless, anything gets so harmfully verbal or physical, then it’s time to get protection from somebody who knows what to do with the situation. Tell your parents, teachers, or anyone in authority. It’s not something to be kept as secret unless you’re looking to get hurt.

Nobody wants to be slut-bashed. Yet no matter how girls try to act decent and just be friendly with other people, they still end up getting criticized unfairly by those whose only thing to do is watch what others do. Obviously, their lives are boring enough to watch their own moves. What to do about it? Don’t bother about them and you’ll be happier. They can’t control you and you can’t control everything. Continue talking to guys even if you mean to flirt a little as long as you mean no harm. Life’s too fun to overlook. Most of all, smile. It makes you look prettier.

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