Movies Teen Girl Loves – Part 1

Planning a movie marathon? We’ve got the best chick flicks lined up in three classy lists-of-ten for you. Time to carry on that sleepover party and get your girls together. You should never miss these amazing films of all time.

The saddest movies and most tear-jerking talk about hope and true love – get your hankies ready!

  • The Vow. This fresh release of 2012 tells a story of a couple wherein a car accident puts the wife in a coma, and when she wakes up with severe memory loss, her husband does all he can to win her heart again.
  • The_Vow

  • The Notebook. Another story about true love, it tells about a rich girl and poor boy falling for each other and fighting to be together till the end.
  • the_notebook

  • If only. It could be true that in a relationship, there is one that loves more than the other. Sometimes, lovers take turns in loving more. Find out how it works in this uber-romantic flick.
  • If_only

  • P.S. I Love You. It’s about a young widow who’s receiving letters and treats from her dead husband to comfort her while she’s in pain and help her move on into to a new life.
  • PS_I_Love_You_

  • Sweet November. When someone goes away, we tend to miss that person. What if he or she never comes back?
  • Sweet_November

  • Moulin Rouge. “I will love you until my dying day” are lines of a song in the groundbreaking musical.
  • moulin_rouge

  • Titanic. Who can forget this epic movie? Jack and Rose will live on forever.
  • Titanic

  • Forrest Gump. He may not be smart, but he has coincidentally been present and active at many historic and heroic moments, but his true love, Jenny, is someone he just can’t have.
  • Forrest_Gump

  • Pearl Harbor. Set during World War II, it involves the classic love affair between soldiers and nurses, a love triangle and friendship.


Tell us about your favorite love story movie, so we can add it on our list! :)

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