Why Can’t He Love Me?

Such question may have crossed your minds. It’s not easy to answer, but not hard to figure out as well. Do you really think he’s worth that much to fuss and frown about?

Why Can't He Love Me
Why Can’t He Love Me

Reasons why he just doesn’t feel the same way could be the fact that he’s not meant for you or maybe you’re just not his type. Face it, we all have types.

Do you know if he loves someone else? Could he be gay? Aren’t you aware that he only sees you as a friend? Then maybe there’s something about you that he doesn’t like. It could be your attitude. It could be your way of thinking. It could possibly the way you look, because as stated above, we all have our types. Perhaps it might be something you do or did that he just can’ stand.

It hurts, but you can’t go on stalking him forever. First of all, it’s wrong to chase himaround. Once a guy knows he is just not that into you, he will consciously or unconsciously decide not to feel anything for you so you should make up your mind to watch him go on his way. It’s not a failure on your side to let him go. It’s self-respect and respect for the other person too. You can’t make him rip his heart apart and make him love you. The brain dictates feelings, not the heart. If he doesn’t care enough about you, he wouldn’t want to be involved with you in any way at all.

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